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Give a 
Better Welcome

The New Standard of
Antibacterial Gel Dispensers


Design That
Elevates Any Space

Your hand sanitizer stations don’t have to be an eyesore. Sanistops are designed to be bold and beautiful hygiene kiosks that give the right first impressions to visitors.


High Quality

The Sanistops is durable and functional, made with a strong  aluminum plastic composite material. Whether indoor or outdoor, the Sanistops is reliable and versatile.


Save Money
and Time

Tired of replacing batteries and refilling the gel? The Sanistops requires no power and can store up to 20L. This means no energy usage, and minimal maintenance, saving you money and time.


Made with
People in Mind

Experience hand sanitizer stations made with people in mind. Clean your hands without ever touching anything. One step on the pedal gives you the right amount.

Maximum Usability

We’ve developed the Sanistops to be as easy to use as possible, whether for cleaning hands or for doing maintenance. It can hold up to 20L of gel, which means no frequent replacements. The pedal mechanism requires no batteries, offering an absolutely contactless experience.

Smartly Designed

It is time for hand sanitizers to look good while offering clean hands. With high quality materials and design that is elegant as well as functional, Sanistops is unrivalled in being versatile and reliable while complementing any space it occupies.

Dress Up Your Sanistops in Your Brand

Make a statement for your brand by Customizing your Sanistops in your colors.

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